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New Release. Photosynthesis

A4. Photosynthesis. 76 x 83 oil on linen.  copy.jpg

Photosynthesis. Oil on Linen. 76 x 83 inches.

(Photosynthesis (from the Greek [photo-], “light,” and [synthesis], “putting together”, “composition” Photosynthesis is vital for life on Earth. As well as maintaining the normal level of oxygen in the atmosphere, nearly all life either depends on it directly as a source of energy, or indirectly as the ultimate source of the energy in their food.)

Photosynthesis is a decorative landscape , rendered almost in the manner of a mosaic tapestry of patterns covering the canvass with a luxurious and colorful vitality heightened by an abstract interpretation of natural shapes. It is a complex spatial structure. This painting is less naturalistic than many of my other paintings. I have used a new formula for the tropical landscape series by favouring a flattening and a geometricization of forms. It holds many painterly challenges for the artist with a subtle play of textures and alternating tonalities. The expressive use of colors is of utmost importance. Using a too strong color palette in this painting could lessen the emotional impact of the lush but quiet and gentle meditative space. Photosynthesis represents to the human psyche a place of health, rest and rejuvenation on many levels and I hope to be able to add to this through a direct interactions and painterly accuracy. I do not wish to simply reproduce the landscape but hope to capture the eternal essence of the tropics and to rediscover the nature of its universal form and appeal.

This large scale tropical landscape is the second in the ongoing theme and exploration of the modern painter’s attempt to paint tropical landscapes in such a way never done before. Drawing inspiration and making historical connections from many painters of the past such as John Singer Sargent’s watercolors of Florida, Paul Gauguin’s Tahiti paintings, Henri Rousseau’s landscapes.

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