Commission and Custom Art

Why commission an artist?

Commissioning a painting, drawing or any work of art is an entirely unique experience. It means getting the size and subject matter of the work you have been looking for and desire. Commissioning a work of art brings you into the creative process.

With the expertise of a professional you can discuss your ideas as the subject matter and possibilities are endless.

A commissioned work of art often costs no more than buying one off the gallery wall.

“Life is short art is long” A work of art is a gift which will last a lifetime and beyond. A commissioned painting is a personal and intimate gift to celebrate an anniversary, birthday, or retirement. It can be given individually or as a group.

I am currently accepting commissions for 2020/2021 and gift commissions.

Fees vary based on size ,medium and techniques used.

I am available for commission work and custom art on request. Please contact me for information.

Areas of Specialization

  • Landscapes
  • Still-life
  • Portraiture
  • Local Landmarks
  • Environmentally Sensitive Sites
  • Heritage Homes and Buildings
  • Residential and Corporate Displays